Premier TaeKwonDo has had a very successful year in 2015. Click continue reading to see all our achievements.

Competitions –

Masters Mosy, Mojy and Sami have been working endlessly to improve the quality of the sessions and focusing on bringing through aspiring novice players to go on to future competitions competitions and making them into National champions

  1. Yorkshire 1-1 result 16 Gold 11 silver
  2. Ultimate open result 2 Gold 6 Silver 1 Bronze
  3. Scorpion 1-1 result 18 Gold 15 Silver
  4. Quest 1-1 result 14 Gold 7 Silver
  5. NTC open result 1 Gold 1 Silver 1 Bronze
  6. Dome open result 4 Gold 4 Silver 2 Bronze
  7. Liverpool open result 2 Gold 3 Silver
  8. Ultimate open result 4 Gold 1 Silver 2 Bronze
  9. British Nationals result 2 Gold 5 Silver 2 Bronze
  10. Yorkshire open result 2 Gold 6 Silver 7 Bronze
  11. All Star 1-1 result 5 Gold 3 Silver
  12. Quest open result 2 Gold 4 Silver 1 Bronze
  13. Ultimate 1-1 result 8 Gold 4 Silver

For 2016 we are hoping to expand our fight team and send more players for Nationals 2016. Over the last year as a team we have improved massively and our players have individually improved in many aspects and we have built good relationships with other clubs in the Yorkshire region through our interclub training sessions, allowing our members to socialise with new members and to be coached by other instructors; thus learning new techniques.

Seminars – During 2015 we held few seminars with Great Britain TaeKwonDo coaches and also with Grand Master Ian Lennox. These seminars were all fully booked and we had the pleasure of working and having members from other clubs attending our venue to participate with us. For the Martial Arts Technical Team Seminar we had over 100 people attending from various clubs, this was a great honour for Premier TaeKwonDo. We had Great Britain coaches Tony Grisman and Davoud Etminani attending to host their own seminars at our venue.

First aid –In April 2015 Premier TaeKwonDo booked 22 of it’s staff and volunteers onto a first aid course. We managed to get a grant for the course and now there is always someone who is a first aider at the club at all times.

Dan Grading – In May 2015 we took a record breaking 47 candidates for Dan Grading promotion and had an incredible pass rate of 98%. Only two people failed their Dan grading out of 47. This was followed by another great Dan grading result in November 2015, where only 1 person failed from the 18 candidates.

AGM Meeting – on 1st August 2015 Premier TaeKwonDo held its’ Annual General Meeting to introduce new roles to the club and update it’s current directors. We had one of the previous directors resigning and a new director was appointed. We also added roles such as – Welfare Officer, Parents representatives, Public relations officer and young persons’ representative.

GB Squad – In August 2015 we had five of our members attending a trial for the Great Britain squad test and we are proud to announce two of the members were accepted and Kyla and James are now a part of the Great Britain squad. We would like to congratulate their families on their excellent achievements.

Added more Sessions-After having a very successful open week during September, Premier TaeKwonDo enrolled 63 new members in a week to their Lil Dragon, foundation and adult TaeKwonDo classes. Due to the increased number of members, extra sessions were added to our timetable for  the comfort of our members.

More instructors & Assistants (Coaching course) By having enrolled so many new members, we had to hire extra instructor assistants, and we chose some of our current Black belt members who we thought had the potential to be a good assistant and hired them to work with us. In addition to this, three of our current instructors successfully passed their level two coaching courses and three other instructors are booked for the same course in 2016.

Poomsae Competition- In November 2015 Premier TaeKwonDo took its first ever Poomsae team to the Ultimate 1-1 and Poomsae competition and our competitors walked away with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals proudly. We are looking to expand our Poomsae team, if you are interested please speak to either Master Mani or Justyna.

Safe Guarding course- Premier TaeKwonDo has applied for a fund from the council to pay for safe guarding courses and currently has over 30 people aged 14 and over from the staff and volunteers who will be attending the safe guarding course in the near future. We are awaiting date confirmation from the council.

Opened new Satellite classes In 2015 Premier TaeKwonDo has managed to add extra satellite classes to make it easier for locals who are interested in fitness and martial arts to attend conveniently at their local club. We opened a new branch at the Huddersfield Leisure Centre and also at Almondbury Sports Centre. These classes have proven to be popular.

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