Our foundation classes are suitable for ages 7 and above. However, those students that achieve their Final Dragon belt are automatically transferred to the Foundation Taekwondo classes before the age of seven.

At the foundation level, students exercise in a healthy environment. These classes are fun as well as teaching discipline and allowing students to follow instructions. These classes focus on the fundamentals of Taekwondo. Students learn more about the sport in these hour long sessions. They will learn basic moves, but no contact is made. These classes are very important as they help build the students’ confidence and make them feel less shy during classes. These sessions mainly consist of pad work and basic kicks.

Students remain in this session until they reach 6th KUP (Green Belt). We are always on the lookout for talented students and we will encourage them to progress into the Advanced Taekwondo classes sooner than expected if we believe they would be able to keep up with these higher level students.

The times allocated to Foundation Taekwondo are highlighted green on our timetable.

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