Advance classes are suitable for children up to 14 years of age who are 6th KUP (Green Belt) and above and also those that have been fast-tracked into these sessions due to their abilities in the foundation classes. These sessions contain more advanced techniques, fitness and skills compared to our Foundation Taekwondo and lessons are increased to one and half hours.

Students use full body armour during these sessions and full contact is made on some occasions. These sessions are more disciplined compared to our Foundation Taekwondo sessions, with the element of fun still being present. Werecommend that you train at least twice a week at this level. It is from this point that students are encouraged to participate in competitions and join the clubs FIGHT TEAM. Students are supported to attend seminars and start preparing for their big goal: their black belt.  Our aim for Advance Taekwondo classes is to achieve the student’s goals and help them to develop in their career. If you don’t give up, you will be a BLACK BELT!

The times allocated to advance Taekwondo sessions are highlighted blue on our


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