Adult TaekwondoOur adult sessions are suitable for anyone above the age of 15 regardless of ability. We welcome everyone, from complete beginners to seasoned advanced students during these sessions. Our advanced students are always happy to help and guide beginners and these sessions are designed to be fun and have a great atmosphere too. Whether your goal is to achieve your black belt, or just to improve your fitness, confidence and flexibility, this session is suitable for you. We will be helping everyone to achieve what they are aiming for. Our adult taekwondo sessions are designed to help improve muscular strength, agility, co-ordination and stamina as well as teaching all aspects of taekwondo from basic kicking and sparring to Poomsae or pattern. These sessions are very popular and have a variety of different ages groups (our oldest member is 70 years old!) with different abilities. You’re never too old to start your Taekwondo journey.

Our aim from the adult taekwondo sessions is to help everyone achieve what they signed up for and support each other through their journey. Improved fitness for all is one of the key achievements. Taekwondo is aimed at people who like a challenge and want to improve themselves every day. And taking the first step to a better, healthier lifestyle is as easy as grabbing a bottle of water and coming down to the club for your first free taster session!

Here’s what some of our members say about adult class…

“Having been part of the club for 3 years, I have gained so much in terms of fitness, self-defense and new skills in taekwondo. With inspiring instructors expressing the art, I am always encouraged to do my best.

The club has a perfect combination of caring and involved instructors who encourage both character and physical development for all. Alongside training with excellent people, the adult class is taught with a mix of patience and intensity, creating an enjoyable atmosphere. Catering for all abilities, the adult class provides excellent, well-structured instructions in a friendly manner. I thoroughly enjoy this class and have seen an improvement in my physical fitness, confidence and concentration. I would highly recommend it.” – Anisa, age 15

“After doing Karata for a number of years I wanted to get my boys in to Martial arts. I found Premier Taekwondo advertised online, so went down for a free taster session. My little boy loved it and after a few weeks of watching him train I was soon itching to get back into martial arts. I joined the adult class and loved the warm friendly atmosphere from my very first session. The club is well equipped, which helps you get a good sweat on while having loads of fun.” Gary, age 39

“I started taekwondo in adult class at 36 years of age and the results have been absolutely life changing. In all honesty, I didn’t even realize I was out of shape until my body fat reduced and everything just sucked in where it should. My flexibility has increased, and it feels wonderful to have a greater range of movement. I’m glad taekwondo helped to increase my flexibility before I lost it for good. My skin is so much clearer from getting a good sweat on and my fitness has increased dramatically. I feel fit, strong and confident that I could defend myself against anyone who would want to attack me although, the fact that it makes you look so athletic is enough of a deterrent that would-be trouble makers are likely to try and find an easier target. I’ve met hundreds of wonderful people from completely different walks of life to me, whom I wouldn’t usually socialize with, but our hearts are just united through our enjoyment of Taekwondo. Like I said, it’s been life changing. I also see it as vital physical and mental training for my children too, to prepare them for the real world, which is tough. There is nothing harder mentally to deal with than standing up to fight. If you can deal with that week in and week out, dealing with an office bully pales into insignificance. The instructors are wonderful teachers and have supported me on my journey throughout. Premier Taekwondo in Huddersfield is the biggest Taekwondo club in the country with some 700 members. You and your children couldn’t be in better hands”. – David Le (Zakariyah), 38, black tag belt.

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Taking the first step to a better, healthier lifestyle is as easy as grabbing a bottle of water and coming down to the club for your first free session.

The times allocated to Adult Taekwondo sessions are coloured as maroon on our timetable.


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