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Whatever your background, ability, age, gender or ambition – there is a place here for everyone.
Here at Premier Taekwondo, we teach taekwondo from a fundamental level, right through to Olympic standards.

Our Classes

We offer taekwondo classes on all levels


3-6 years old
fun and educational


7 years old and above
teaching discipline


green belt and above techniques & fitness


anyone aged 14 years and older is welcome to join


above the age of 15 regardless of ability


Elite classes to compete and join our fight team


small group to learn patterns and techniques


intense work on the Grading syllabus

our Philosophy

Everyone should have a chance to train Taekwondo.

We are proud of working very closely with the local council, schools and other educational institutions to provide after-school clubs for children. Our philosophy is that ‘every child matters.

non-profit organisation

The club is run as a non-profit organisation to allow us to keep fees to a minimum and make classes accessible to as many people as possible.

basic level, right through to Olympic standard

There is a class for everyone. These include Lil Dragons, for mini Olympic Champions in the making, family classes, adult classes and the very popular sparring classes.

our team

The Taekwondo Professionals

Who’s who?


Chief Instructor


Instructor & Fight team coach






Director, Safeguarding Lead, Coach


Admin and Membership Services




Development Officer

Master Mosy

Chief Instructor

our Club achievements

Our Achievements are the result of our commitment and hard work

Our hard work and dedication, from both students and coaches, have led to the club producing Taekwondo Champions, of all ages, nationally and internationally.

Premier Taekwondo has members selected to represent Team GB, competing at European and World Championship levels, including those who have become full-time athletes with Team GB. As a club, we also have other members that compete at the National and International levels. Also, we have a selection of players on the GB pathways.    
We have many qualified, experienced instructors and assistant coaches. Our Young Leaders Programme feeds into British Taekwondo’s Assistant Coaches and Coaches course. This pathway enabled our students to become fully qualified instructors and open their associate clubs. The club has helped many students to achieve Black Belt status as they gain confidence. With a high retention level, we have the largest membership in a single venue in the UK.

our partners

Who we work with

We are proud to work closely with the local council, schools, colleges and other educational institutions to provide after-school clubs for children.

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Our Mission

Taekwondo Training For Everyone

Taekwondo Practice

Shaping Lives Changing Future

Our September 2023 Offer

  • Free taster session
  • Free drink
  • No signup fee (Save £20)
  • Half-priced Uniform

A free trial session is a perfect opportunity for your child to try out our Taekwondo classes.

About Taekwondo

Taekwondo translates as “the way of punching and kicking”


Years of experience

Tae means to break or attack with the fist, Kwon means to break with the foot and Do translates as art or way. The sport is aimed for people who like a challenge and want to improve themselves everyday.

Taekwondo is the most popular martial art in the world with over 30 million active students.

Taekwondo is a Korean complete martial art system with a fast-paced and exciting sports component which is a Full Medal Olympic sport since 2000. Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial arts that teaches more than physical fighting skills. It is a discipline that shows ways of enhancing our spirit and life through training our body and mind. Taking the first step to a better, healthier life is as easy as grabbing a bottle of water and coming down to the club for your first free session!

our Students

what people say

We’re proud of the work we do and our team works hard to deliver services that make a big difference in the lives of our students.

Based on 47 reviews
shadow on 60 fps
shadow on 60 fps
My son has been with Premier Taekwondo since January 2015 and spend a year in Lil Dragons where he went from a shy little 4year old into a confident little and has progressed all the way up to Elite Training which he only started doing in Sept 2016. He has gone on to become a confident. active competition fighter all thanks to Master Mosy, Master Mojy and many more. Would highly recommend to others.
Gintaras Barisauskas
Gintaras Barisauskas
Best Taekwondo club
Idris Vali
Idris Vali
The best taekwondo place around. My son has been going for a few years now and loves it. Every single one of the staff are brilliant, very helpful and always happy to answer any questions.
Mr. & Mrs. Santos
Mr. & Mrs. Santos
Brilliant centre and staff. Our son has been attending for the last 3 years and he loves it. It's great to see the positive impact the training has on the kids. Highly recommended!
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We offer the proper training class for everyone

As a club, we are governed by the National Governing Body for Taekwondo in the UK: British Taekwondo. This allows us to be regulated and makes sure we conform to standards set out by the World Taekwondo Federation.