Adult Taekwondo

Our adult sessions are suitable for any one above the age of 15. We welcome beginners and advance students during these sessions. Our advance students will always be helping and guiding the beginners. These sessions are very fun and have a great atmosphere too. Whether your goal is to achieve your black belt, or just to improve on your fitness, confidence and flexibility, this session is suitable for you. We will be helping everyone to achieve what they are aiming for. Our adult taekwondo sessions are designed to help improve muscular strength, agility, co-ordination and stamina. Our adult sessions are very popular and have a variety of different ages (up to 70) with different abilities.

Our aim from the adult taekwondo sessions is to help everyone achieve what they signed up for. Improved fitness for all is one of the key achievements. The times allocated to Adult Taekwondo sessions are coloured as Maroon on our timetable. Taekwondo is aimed for people who like a challenge and want to improve themselves every day. And taking the first step to a better, healthier life is as easy as grabbing a bottle of water and coming down to the club for your first free session!