Name: Sara

Age: 16

Grade: 3rd Dan Black Belt

Role: Instructor assistant

When did you start TKD:

I started taekwondo in 2007 with my brother, Sam, who is also an assistant here. We started at a different club and moved to Premier Taekwondo in 2009. I got my first black belt when I was 13 years old.

Why did you start TKD

I started taekwondo because my parents wanted me to start doing an extra activity outside of school. I chose taekwondo because it was a sport and would therefore keep me fit and healthy (as I wasn’t a very skinny child!) and also it was different to the usual ‘dancing’ or ‘football’ that all my school friends seemed to be doing.

Your Favourite part about being at the club/TKD:

I prefer the sport side of taekwondo therefore my favourite parts include all the kicking drills and sparring. I would have to say that my least favourite part of taekwondo is stretching as I am not very flexible!

Your interests/hobbies:

Outside of taekwondo I am an avid football fan and support Liverpool F.C. I also enjoy socialising and spending time with my friends.

Your goals/ambitions:

My aim in taekwondo is to continue doing competitions and to, one day, become British Champion. I would also like to obtain higher Dans and hopefully open my own club when I am older.

My taekwondo achievements to date include:

3rd Dan black belt

British Nationals 2013 Bronze

Yorkshire Open 2013 Silver

2x 1-1 Gold