Name: Sam

Age: 14

Grade: 2nd Poom Black Belt

Role: Instructor Assistant

When did you start TKD:

I started Taekwondo in 2007 with my sister Sara at another TKD club. After achieving my green belt in 2009 I decided to move to Premier Taekwondo where I progressed hugely in my fitness and skill aspects.

Why did you start TKD

I decided to start taekwondo as a form of enjoyment but another reason of me starting was down to the fact I was quite overweight as a child. I thought me starting would not only be beneficial for my weight problems but would also be a great way to make friends and have a good time while doing so.

Your Favourite part about being at the club/TKD:

I enjoy all aspects of taekwondo therefore I have no specific favourites. When I first started I was quite afraid of the sparring aspect but thanks to Master Mosy I was able to overcome my fear and enjoy sparring a lot more. I have always been a fan of patterns and kicking because I like the different techniques we do in both

Your interests/hobbies:

Outside of Taekwondo I enjoy playing football and basketball. I also enjoy gaming with my friends. I am a big fan of Liverpool FC.

Your goals/ambitions:

My main Goal in Taekwondo is to continue doing the sport for as long as I can because I want to keep fit but I also want to progress through dans. My personal aim is to achieve 4th dan before the age of 20 which I hope with dedication and commitment I can achieve this.

What have you achieved so far :

In Taekwondo I achieved my Black Belt in 2011. I then achieved my 2nd Poom Black Belt in 2012 and I hope to achieve my 3rdPoom in November of 2014.