Name – Phoenix

Year of birth – 2005

Current Grade – Black belt 1st Poom

Role-  Mini Assistant

When did you start taekwondo: I started taekwondo 7 years ago

Why did you start Taekwondo: I initially started Taekwondo as an after school club to learn self-defence. 

Your favourite part about Taekwondo:

I like all aspects of Taekwondo, but I mostly enjoy sparring

What have you achieved so far:  I have achieved my black belt, 2 Bronze medals at competitions and I have become a mini assistant at my favourite Taekwondo club.

Your goals/ambitions: To train hard and achieve a Gold medal at Nationals, and to keep grading and improving to achieve my 9th Dan.

Your other hobbies/interests:

I enjoy all sports, at school I like studying maths and art.