Name – Master Mosy

Age- 33

Current Grade – Black Belt 5th Dan

Role- Chief Instructor

When did you start taekwondo:

I first started taekwondo at the age of ten. Although it wasn’t the first martial arts I was into at that time. I achieved my first black belt around the age of sixteen.

Why did you start Taekwondo:

My younger brother Moji used to do Taekwondo and I did Kung-Fu. But I started showing more interest in Taekwondo after seeing my brother training and competing, and I have been doing it ever since. There was more competition availability in Taekwondo compared to Kung-Fu and as I enjoy competing and sparring, I switched to taekwondo.

Your favourite part about Taekwondo:

I mostly enjoy the active and sport side of Taekwondo, such as pad work and sparring.

What have you achieved so far:

I am pleased about achieving my 5th Dan by this age. Also, I am very glad to be an instructor at the club that’s known to have the most members registered to a single venue in England. However, what puts me a smile on my face is the fact that I have managed to produce many players and help our members come closer to their goals and dreams.

Your goals/ambitions:

My biggest ambition would be to make one of the strongest Taekwondo teams and seeing our students improving and achieving their best.

Your other hobbies/interests:

Taekwondo is my main hobby. In my spare times (If I get any) I enjoy doing some DIY at the club.