Name: Kyla Julien

Age: 12

Current Grade: 1st Poom Black belt

Role: Instructor Assistant

When did you start taekwondo:

I am in year 8 at Kirkburton middle school. I started taekwondo when I was 6 or 7 years old.

Why did you start taekwondo:

I started taekwondo to learn more about self-defence and to know that I can keep myself safe.

Your Favourite part about being at the club/TKD:

I like the fact that Taekwondo keeps me active and physically fit. My favourite part about taekwondo has to be sparring.

Your interests/hobbies:

I enjoy a large variety of sports from football to athletics to netball.

What have you achieved so far:


One silver medal in the British nationals

Silver in the Yorkshire opens

A couple of gold, a bronze and I won a few 1 to 1 competitions. I also got an award at taekwondo award ceremony awards by the mayor.