Name:  Justyna

Age: 16

Current Grade: 2nd Dan Black Belt

Role: Assistant instructor

When did you start TKD:

I started taekwondo four years ago when I was 12 years old. I got my first black belt at the age of 14, in November 2012.

Why did you start TKD

I started taekwondo because my brother had started it before me and he used to come home and show me the skills that he had learnt and I wanted to learn it too as I felt like he was trying to show off.

Your Favourite part about being at the club/TKD:

My favourite part about taekwondo is the patterns.

What have you achieved so far:

My achievements from taekwondo so far has been my 1st Dan & 2nd Dan Black belt.

Your goals/ambitions:

I am currently working on my sparring and improving my patterns so I can start entering competitions.

Your interests/hobbies:

Outside taekwondo I go running and also cycle.