Name – Jamie

Year of birth- 2004

Current Grade – 2nd Poom

Role- Mini Assistant

When did you start taekwondo: I started Taekwondo in 2010.


Why did you start Taekwondo: I started Taekwondo to learn self-defence and to get fit.

Your favourite part about Taekwondo: My favourite part about Taekwondo is the sparring. I enjoy Elite training sessions and attend almost every one of them.

What have you achieved so far: I have competed at many competitions, my main achievements are:

  • British Champion 2014 – Gold
  • Yorkshire Champion 2014 – Gold
  • Silver medallist at British Nationals 2015
  • Yorkshire 1-1 2015 – Gold
  • Ultimate Open 2015 – Gold
  • Yorkshire Open 2015 – Bronze
  • Ultimate 1-1 2015 – Gold
  • Liverpool Open 2015 – Silver

Your goals/ambitions: I would love to be selected for team GB and I will keep trying my best to achieve my goal.

Your other hobbies/interests: TAEKWONDO!