Name – Isabella

Year of birth- 2002

Current Grade – Black belt 2nd Poom

Role- Instructor’s assistant

When did you start taekwondo: I started Taekwondo 5 years ago 2010/2011 and got my first black belt in November 2013, I achieved my 2nd Poom on May 2015

Why did you start Taekwondo: I started Taekwondo because I wanted to gain more confidence and get fit, and I always thought it looked fun.

Your favourite part about Taekwondo: My favourite part is the patterns, and learning all new skills; specially self-defence.

What have you achieved so far: I have achieved a black belt 2nd Poom in 5years of Taekwondo, it was something I thought I could never achieve.

Your goals/ambitions:

To continue to gain more skills and help others with the skills I have learnt throughout learning Taekwondo. I am also training for my 3rd Poom.

Your other hobbies/interests: My main hobby is Taekwondo, but I also like to bake and draw.