Name – Hamzeh Ramezani

Year of birth- 2001

Current Grade – 2nd Poom

Role- Mini Assistant

When did you start taekwondo:

I started Taekwondo when I was 9 years old.

Why did you start Taekwondo:

It was a sport that I liked and I wanted to be a fighter and represent my country.

Your favourite part about Taekwondo:

My favourite part is sparring because it’s a technical, speed and action part of taekwondo.

What have you achieved so far:

So far I have achieved 10 awards; 5 medals and 5 trophies.

Your goals/ambitions:

I would like to enter the GB team and go to international games and the grand prix; I would also like to be ranked.

Your other hobbies/interests:

Coaching and teaching kids sparring techniques in taekwondo.